A well equipped IVF lab, NICU, Labor Room ,and Operation Theatre is an added advantage for the facilities. We give extra care for women with high risk pregnancy. We monitor each and every step of the fetal development and put them on high alert without disturbing their emotional well-being. Our expert counselors give proper advice and guidance through out the pregnancy. An ultra modern laborroom with all facilities and a high tech operation theatre is the specialty of our hospital. Pediatric wing is well advanced with a new born NICU functioning for the care of infants.


IVF Treatment

Have you been longing to embrace motherhood? Now getting pregnant is indeed possible through the most advanced IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment we offer. Through years of expertise and experienced consultants, we had already witnessed a million new smiles. Stop waiting and consult our experts today itself!


Our habit of pampering never stops until we make sure that you are blessed with a healthy and cheerful baby. If not, it's our responsibility to ensure it and we have been doing it selflessly over all these years. Our technically advanced NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) operates 24/7 fostering your baby with love and warmth as same as you give with quality medical assistance.


Pregnancy period marks a lot of changes around you, both physically and mentally. It's quite important to have timely check-ups and proper medications under an expert Gynaecologist for an unimpaired delivery. Here, you are constantly monitored through each phase of pregnancy with the latest and advanced scans ensuring a safe period until you are gifted with a baby smile.


Are you suffering from chronic Asthma or related respiratory disorders? It's time to get an expert advice from our pulmonologists who have been serving for decades in this stream providing right remedies for a seamless inhalation and exhalation. Be it a mild suffocation, never wait until things go worse. Make sure you are being observed under an expert consultant without any delay!


80% of the female fertility issues can be cured with proper timely treatment

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Why Is It Important?

Why Is It Important?...

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